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About OC-X

This 6-week accelerator programme develops innovative educators who create courses, learning tools and experiences to upskill emerging talent in frontier technologies
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What OC-X offers

Over the course of 6 weeks, this programme will offer you a fun, peer-to-peer learning journey designed to level you (and your team) up in frontier technologies, including: blockchain, AI, metaverse and DeFi.
  • Co-create a course, assessment or learning tool that creates shared value for the Open Campus ecosystem
  • Connect with like-minded, passionate educates from both Web2 and Web3 worlds
  • Discover how to access our $100k teacher grant (with no equity involved) to boost your financial resources.
  • Explore the avenues to secure growth financing loans ranging from $100k to $500k (without any equity obligations).
  • Gain insights from workshops facilitated by prominent figures in the edtech space, such as iTalki, TrilogyEducation, and Skillshare.
  • Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions with seasoned business leaders from renowned companies like Netflix, Riot, and IKEA.

OC-X details at a glance

6 months

Post-programme support


Curated modules

20 million

Collective learner base


Non-dilutive funding

For founders who are solving problems in:

What we learn (technical skills, leadership, communication)
How we learn (learning analytics, collaboration tools, game-based experiences)
Why we learn (responsible tech, social impact, financial inclusion)
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Meet the founders of OC-X

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Required commitments

Unlike other accelerators that emphasise competition amongst founders, the Open Campus Accelerator programme encourages collaborative and co-creative relationships for long-lasting, holistic impact on entire education ecosystem

Dedicate approximately 1.5 to 2 hours per week for engaging workshops that will equip vou with valuable skills and insights.


Collaborate closely with our team to explore strategies tailored to your unique financing and growth goals.


An open mind to Web3 technologies and curiosity to contribute to the wider Open Campus ecosystem.

Join us to make quality education accessible, fun, and rewarding

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